Piano Ventures – Level 3




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Media Type: Book – Piano
Artist: Patch The Pirate
Copyright: N/A

Learning to play the piano just got a lot more fun! This series from Shelly Hamilton (Sissy Seagull) allows the new pianist to learn to play using upper elementary arrangements of Patch the Pirate songs.
Patch the Pirate has made some very interesting discoveries in each of the PianoVentures pieces. Be on the lookout for Patch’s Discoveries and Treasure Hunts.
Selections include: • Happy Born Again Birthday • God Is So Good • My Mother’s Gentle Love • David • I Pledge My Life • How Can I Fear? • Gideon • Wiggle Worm • Cool Water • Pigs Don’t Live In Houses • The Fear Of The Lord • I Love You, Lord • Obedience • When I Survey